10 benefits of a silk scarf

Are you in doubt about whether a silk scarf is for you or not? Then we have found 10 good reasons why you should choose a silk scarf

1. Silk cools in summer and warms in winter

It sounds almost too good to be true, but nonetheless, silk has the impressive property of being suitable for both summer and winter.

Softer than soft

With its smooth surface, silk feels softer and finer than other materials. This is due to the average diameter of the silk of just 11 micrometers.

3. Allergy friendly

Silk is hypoallergenic, as, among other things, house dust mites and fungi do not live so well in the fabric - so your scarf will fortunately be free of the unwanted creatures.

4. Silk is self-cleansing

A nice property, which means that it is often enough just to hang the silk for aeration.

5. Long shelf life

Despite its fine appearance, silk is far more durable than it looks and eg even stronger than cotton. With the right care, you will therefore be assured of a scarf that will last for the next many years.

6. A good investment

Silk is the most luxurious textile in the world, so why not delight yourself with a luxurious product that can be used day after day?

7. High absorbency

The fibers of the silk can absorb a third of its own weight in moisture without the silk feeling moist - It's quite impressive anyway!

8. Timeless material

Silk has been a part of the fashion scene for the last many years, and I wonder if it continues to do so for quite a few more years?

9. Unique history

The discovery of silk dates back to 2640 BC, when a Chinese empress discovered the silk thread in her tea. In the beginning, silk was of course also reserved for the emperor - Now the rest of us can happily enjoy the material.

10. Infinite possibilities

Another impressive feature is the many options of the scarf. In addition to the scarf, you can also use it as a bracelet, hairband and accessory on your bag. The possibilities are many, and only the imagination sets limits.

The benefits of a silk scarf are many, so do not wait long to get yours ordered - The earlier you order, the longer you can enjoy your silk scarf. Click here to see our large selection of silk scarves in different sizes and patterns.

If you have questions about our silk scarves, you are always welcome to contact us.

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