Wool scarves

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      Wool scarves

      Welcome to FLORA DANICA. On this page you will find our fine selection of scarves in wool. Our selection of wool scarves comes in different colors and motifs. Our scarves are inspired by the beautiful Flora Danica flower illustrations. Our motifs are unique and carefully designed with respect for the old motifs. The Danish winter is cold and wet and the black and gray winter jackets adorn the street scene here, our beautiful, soft and warm scarves can provide a refreshing contrast to the dark winter jackets.

      Woolen scarf with extra softness and comfort

      Our scarves in wool are made of 100% luxurious soft wool. Likewise, our cashmere blend scarf is produced in high quality and consists of 10% cashmere 90% wool. This makes our wool scarves luxurious, soft and comfortable to wear.

      Wool scarves are temperature regulating and insulating

      The wool's natural fibers provide good insulation and warmth that goes well with the Nordic autumn / winter climate.

      Wool is self-cleaning

      Wool is self-cleaning and stays odor-free, even after several days of use. This also means that you do not need / should not wash your wool scarves as often as other clothing.


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