Cookie Policy


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that we store on your computer in order to keep track of what happens during your visit and to be able to recognise the computer. A cookie contains only text, is not a program and does not contain viruses.

We use cookies at Flora Danica, with the intention of constantly developing and improving our website, so you always get the best visit possible. Cookies remember, for example, what you have put in a possible shopping cart, whether you have previously visited the site, whether you are logged in and which language and currency you would like to have displayed on the website.

Cookies are also used to optimise our marketing to best suit you and your needs.

You can use your browser to set your computer to notify you when a website uses cookies, so you must approve these. Please note, however, that Flora D's website only works if you accept our cookies. However, you can delete them at any time after your visit, which can be done via your browser.


Below our cookie policy describes the personal information that is collected and processed when you use our website (, as well as how we handle and protect your personal information. We elaborate on what information is collected, their purpose and which third parties have access to it. In addition, your rights are also explained and how you can contact us.

When you visit our website, information about you is collected, which is used to customise and improve the content you are exposed to, as well as to increase the value of the ads displayed on the page. It is possible to delete or block cookies. Remember: if you use multiple Internet browsers, delete your cookies in all of them. However, be aware that in the event of blocking or non-acceptance of our cookies, more features on the website will no longer be applicable. This is elaborated further down.

If you do not want information to be collected in connection with your use of the website, you should delete your cookies. And in connection with third-party cookies, visit

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, mobile phone, iPad etc. similarly for the purpose of storing data that can later be recalled by a web server in the domain that has placed a cookie. We use cookies on our website for several different purposes. They are used, among other things, for:

-Remember settings and log in to our website across pages

-Remember your preferred currency and language

-Remember what products you have put in your shopping cart

-Perform statistics

-Targeted advertising

-Help us prevent fraud

-Collect web analytics data that informs us about how users interact with our website


The cookies we use on our website can be divided into the following categories:

Category 1 - Required cookies

These cookies are essential for moving around the site and using its features. Without these cookies, login information and shopping baskets will e.g. not be saved. This type of cookie also allows communication between your browser and the website.

Category 2 - Useful cookies

This type of cookie collects and stores information about how you use our website. Eg. we use Google Analytics cookies to understand how customers arrive and use our site so we can optimise features such as navigation, the shopping experience and target marketing. Data from this type of cookie does not show personal details so that the individual identity can be established. You can always opt out of this type of cookie in your browser settings, but you must be aware that it can change the experience on our website.

Category 3 - Functional cookies

Functional cookies remember choices such as which country you visit the website from, currency you use, which brands and categories you prefer, etc. We use that information to tailor a more personal experience, and make sure to show you as relevant content as possible and the best user experience. This data is anonymous and cannot be used by other websites. You can opt out of this type of cookie in your browser settings. By opting out, it may change the experience on our website.

Category 4 - Targeted or advertising cookies

This type of cookie collects information about your search history in order to better target relevant content to you and your interests. They also help limit the number of times you are exposed to a specific ad. This type of cookie is usually located on third-party advertising networks. Third-party cookies remember the websites you visit and share them with other parties such as advertisers. Eg. We use third-party networks to share more personalised ads with you when you use other websites. You can see a list of frequently used third parties here.