About us


FLORA DANICA DENMARK, founded by Joachim Rosendahl Nygaard in 2018, creates a unique narrative by incorporating the historical, timeless, and aesthetically beautiful Flora Danica flowers into their designs.

All the flowers adorning FLORA DANICA DENMARK's products exclusively originate from Flora Danica, and the use of other illustrations is not permitted. This has led to the development of a range of high-quality feminine products. These products blend modern design with respect for the over a hundred years old, classical, and timeless Flora Danica copperplate engravings.

You can therefore rest assured that you are acquiring something truly unique when you invest in one of our products.

Joachim Rosendahl Nygaard established the brand with a deep interest in the rich history embedded in Flora Danica. He draws inspiration from the plants, their colors, and patterns, exploring how their elegance and aesthetics can be transformed into modern products. At the same time, he cherishes the unique aesthetics of the original copperplate engravings and strives to preserve their authenticity.

This passion for storytelling is reflected in a meticulous digital translation of the old copperplate engravings, transformed into beautiful accessories, including silk scarves. The process involves experimenting with transferring the unique beauty from the past to contemporary contexts, where Flora Danica's rich history remains alive in modern and contemporary products.