What is modal?

Modal - An overlooked material

Modal is a very soft and natural material that is very reminiscent of cotton. Modal is extracted from cellulose primarily from beech trees and is related to the well-known and often used viscose. Cellulose is one of the most common organic substances in nature. It is found in the cell walls of plants - e.g. in trees, grass, straw and cotton. Modal is therefore a natural product. The material possesses the important quality that it retains the color of the fabric really well. At the same time, it is strong in shape and therefore the fabric does not curl. Modal also has a strong durability even if it gets wet when washed. This makes the material extremely suitable for the manufacture of scarves, bed linen and underwear. In addition, the fabric containing modal also has the environmentally friendly quality that it handles liquid a lot better than, for example, the material cotton. For example, 10-20 times less water is used in modal cultivation than cotton

Our scarves in modal are soft and fall heavily, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Mixed with other materials such as wool, a scarf therefore becomes a quality-conscious alternative to similar blends.

We have summarized some of the features modal possesses below:

  • Modal holds colors well in the fabric.
  • Modal is very strong in shape and therefore the fabric does not shrink and curl.
  • Modal is a very soft material which gives a light and airy feeling to wear.
  • Modal is an environmentally friendly and natural textile.
  • Modal is breathable and has a cooling effect, like silk.
  • Modal is water-absorbent.

Why do we use Modal for our scarves?

First and foremost, modal is a soft and delicious material to have in direct contact with the skin. Modal also has good properties in relation to sweat. It is breathable, quick-drying and water-absorbent. When the body sweats, it is often also hot, and here the cooling property of modal benefits.

Therefore, we think that modal is a very good material, in the manufacture of scarves

We have designed a collection of scarves in modal with motifs inspired by the beautiful Flora Danica floral illustrations. So treat yourself or someone you care about with a nice and soft scarf.

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