Print, stripes, checks and flowers

Autumn fashion

Autumn fashion has historically been characterized by muted earth colors and gray or dark clothes, but in recent years, there has been a change, and we are moving towards a more colorful and daring autumn fashion.

Autumn fashion offers prints, stripes, checks and flowers

Shades of blue and green have found their way into many of the autumn fashion shows, as well as motifs from nature, nostalgia and knitwear in different colors and patterns. In the street scene, bright colours, prints, stripes and flowers are a growing trend, with many choosing colorful accessories such as scarves or jewelery to upgrade the autumn look.

Autumn fashion 2022 is strongly inspired by the fashion of the 90s, where being colorful and standing out was essential, however, the fashion in 2022 is a refined version of the so-called ugly decade, where the muted colors are now mixed with elements of prints, patterns and bold colors to create a calm but unique and personal style.

Autumn 2022 is therefore about being extra, experimenting and standing out and being seen. As Vogue writes "...bold prints and colors that make you want to jump for joy".

Silk scarves are therefore obvious accessories, as they can be worn around the neck, in the hair or around the bag, and can add the element of colors and patterns that make the look unique and personal. A scarf can help you achieve the perfect balance between subdued and colorful for the season.

At Flora Danica we have scarves in many different colors and motifs, all inspired by the natural flora. Find inspiration for your autumn look here on the website:

Large silk scarves  Smaller silk scarves


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